Amalgame is…




Amal (no, not George Clooney’s….), 35, mother of three, Karaté black belt, world citizen, but above all a passionate.

After a PhD in International Law and the Certificate to become a Lawyer (aha, another thing in common with Amal Clooney, but it stops there…), I ended up in the legal department of a multinational oil service company (yes, my everyday life is very serious). I love my job, I love law, I love the international aspect of my job, that enables me to travel a lot but especially to live in different places. I am professionally satisfied and happy.

Yes, but there you go, I am a passionate and intellectual curiosity is key for me. I am a fashion, design, sport, travels passionate, and what I love the most is to share my passions.

Far from being light or futile, we’ll be discussing here true society topics, required for each and everyone’s well-being, four essential subjects to our socialite general knowledge. Amalgame’s unique aspiration is to share those four passions: from pictures, to lookbooks, wishlists to accepted frivolity, to portraits and more elaborate food for thought.

This is where the idea of Amalgame came from. Amalgame intellectualizes superficial.

I don’t blog with a career perspective in mind, nor with a lucrative purpose, but by passion. Amalgame is nothing more and nothing less than a sharing space. It only lives and evolves thanks to your advice, encouragements and criticisms. Your comments and messages are therefore very valuable.

Furthermore, none of my articles are sponsorized. The Lookbooks refer to my wardrobe and the brands I present or the portraits made are only my true favourites.

Thank you for your messages and visits.